Coming up: installable themes

  • Written by Fork CMS on Thursday 4 November 2010

The developer team is working on making themes installable: the aim is to be able to download a theme and install it with example data so you can get a head start when developing a website.

This wil also allow non-developers to use Fork CMS: download a theme, install it, adjust the content and your website is ready to go.

I've been working on a theme called Day 02. A little preview can be found below; click the image for a bigger version.

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Status update

  • Keep up with the latest news by following our Twitter account @fork_cms — or if you like Facebook better "like" here.
  • We have a support forum set up in case you have questions or need help.
  • The support forum works together with the bugtracker. Please report any bugs you encounter there. Speaking of bugs: a 2.0.1. bugfix releas is on the way. We'll be releasing official Fork releases every 2 weeks starting from November 3rd.
  • Last but not least we've had some Fork T-shirts made. These will be distributed at Digital Marketing First.

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  • Written by Fork CMS on Wednesday 13 October 2010

Hi everyone. Thanks for the compliments and critiques. We're working hard to iron out the reported bugs. There's a few questions that keep popping up, so I thought I'd summarize the answers in a blog post. Read more...

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Fork CMS on YouTube

Did you know Fork CMS has a YouTube channel? We'll be posting screencasts, both for developers and end users there. View the channel and don't forget to subscribe.

This is one of the screencasts already there, showing you how to connect your Google Analytics account to Fork CMS so you can view your visitor stats right inside Fork. There will be new screencasts soon — tell us what you want to see explained in the comments!

P.S. Since the interface is likely to change a little bit in the future these screencasts are deliberately low-tech.

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Fork public beta released

  • Written by Fork CMS on Monday 11 October 2010

Hello everyone. The past few months Fork CMS has been tested by several of you, and we made it a better piece of software because of that. We'd like to thank everyone who tested the closed beta. Today we're ready to give Fork to the general public.

We've been working on the Analytics module (Google analytics integration), Twitter module (easy way to display twitter content on your website), E-mail marketing module (send e-mails via Campaign Monitor through Fork CMS). In other words, there's a bunch of cool stuff coming up. The next 3 months we'll be working on polishing and refining the little things.

To give you an idea of the stability of this release: we're using this release for all the new websites we build at Netlash. But: please note that this is still a beta version and not a final release. We're planning improvements on the translations module and the core that may not be backwards compatible (without some custom work). So by all means, give Fork CMS a spin, but don't start building your next big project on it.

We'd like your feedback! Download the public beta, and install Fork CMS. If you need a little help, check out the documentation. If you encounter any problems let us know: e-mail or We're in the process of setting up a discussion forum.

For direct support, there's also an IRC channel, #forkcms on

Spread the word: Fork CMS is here and we're going to take the CMS world by a storm. Thank you!

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