Migrating new features with Fork CMS

You've spent the last few weeks working on this brand new feature for your fancy website and it looks amazing! You and your peers thoroughly tested everything, so it's time to deploy this feature to production. You deploy your project with the Fork CMS Capistrano gem and everything seems to go well.

When checking the production website you suddenly encounter a 500 error! Not sure what went wrong, you quickly revert your feature and deploy again. All is well... You import the production database to your local system and start debugging, only to find out you forgot to add that database field you added a week ago.

Sound familiar?

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User templates

If you have ever developed a website with a CMS, you have probably had to decide more than once if you should write a module for a piece of content on the website or not. Sometimes, a module is just overkill for content which will not be updated very frequently, so you decide not to develop a module. Fair enough, let’s use editor templates in CKEditor instead.

Editor templates are helpful if you know how they work and as a (frontend) developer, you should understand how they work. Alas, your average CMS user probably won’t. She/he will manage to screw up your template from the moment they try to modify the content.

That’s why we decided we needed something different.

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