Registry hackaton 24/04/2016

  • Written by Jesse Dobbelaere on Thursday 28 April 2016

Developers using Fork CMS are constantly looking on how to improve the cms. Ideas such as a marketplace for modules & themes have been on the roadmap for quite a while. The extensions page on the Fork CMS website has grown a lot and lacks several useful features. A revamped Fork CMS extensions app would certainly play a big part in the future of Fork CMS.

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Start tracking your errors

When you are writing code, creating advanced Fork CMS modules and themes, or adding new features, sometimes you break things. Fork CMS uses logs and can send you an email when an exception occurred, but for larger websites this isn’t that useful because you don’t know if you’ve seen that issue before, or if it’s been fixed in the past. Moreover, you don’t know the severity of the issue. Has it occurred once or is this error popping up every 10 seconds? In this article, we explore the use of error tracking software such as Rollbar.

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