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Default FormBuilder "Contact" form gives "Something went wrong" error

Still struggling with little issues on my first attempt with Fork. This one is me finding the default "Contact" form isn't working. If you try to send anything, you get a cryptic "Something went wrong" error. I've poked around in the ForumBuilder Module options and can't find anything to change that might fix things. At a lower level, under Settings -> Advanced -> Email, I've got it set to "PHP's mail" and sending a test message works fine.

Fork CMS v3.9.6 (incidentally: there's nowhere on the dashboard/admin where it tells you the currently-installed Fork version?)

Did you add an radio button or checkbox?

Is there something in the logs (in the app/logs directory)? Oh, have a look at the Fork CMS Slack channel. It's usually faster to get a response/solution

I had the same problem. I have copyed from src\Frontend\Modules\ to theme dir src\Frontend\Themes\eco\Modules\ whole FormBuilder/ directory. And it worked then for me. Just in case - backup your old FormBuilder dir in themes dir.


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