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FAQ Module


This week I've been building my first site in forkcms. I'm stuck with a few bits, so I'm hoping you can help me along!

I have added the FAQ module to my site. I've added 3 questions under one category through the module. The module automatically generated an FAQ page, using my default template.

My default template has one position 'positionMain' defined and Module:FAQ is the only thing occupying it.

The template file contains: {* Main position *} {iteration:positionMain} {option:positionMain.blockIsHTML} {$positionMain.blockContent} {/option:positionMain.blockIsHTML} {option:!positionMain.blockIsHTML} {$positionMain.blockContent} {/option:!positionMain.blockIsHTML} {/iteration:positionMain}

The FAQ page is only displaying the first FAQ, not listing all three. Any ideas?



Did you solve your problem? Else, I'll install the FAQ module and have a look :-)

I'm just starting and I've come across this same issue. In fact, what I'd really like to do is have clicking on the FAQ button to take one directly to the "default" (or whatever) category as I only plan on having one FAQ category and the current clickflow is confusing and non-intuitive to users (as well as the weird bug described in the original post in this thread). If I can't find a solution I'm going to just need to resort to a manual generic page. :(


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