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Frontend Form

Hi, i have a problem to create an frontend form. I am not even sure, where I have to put it. I should contain a file field and several text fields (like name and email) and maybe a date field.

  • Where would I put this thing?
  • Do I have to create a database entry (email or file would be fine).
  • Do I need a complete module?
  • Is a frontend widget necessary?
  • Where can I find an example of an frontend form?
  • Is it somehow possible to use just plain html and php to create this form?
  • Is there an extension for the form builder to include a file field? I know what I would have to todo in plain php, but I'm so skilled in fork/spoon/symphony.

I am grateful for any suggestion.

BR Florian

p.s. sorry for my poor English...

Seem the edit option does not work for me... and the mark down syntax is somehow wrong.

In the detail action of the blog module a FrontendForm is used, you can check how it's done here


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