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I think I need help for an upgrade


I've been using fork for a few years now and on the user side it's very nice, but somehow I feel I'm not savvy enough to make an upgrade because I will break it each time and then I need to ask the webhost to return to the most recent backup. costs me €20 each.

There's just a problem with

You can't just overwrite the installation with the newer version because there will be databse errors and what not.

There's a few things I just don't understand, and our webhost doesn't support , or I don't know how to make it support.

I worked half a day to even get putty working with some sort of public encryption key , that would only work if you have the correct text file (and your login data).

Isn't there a webhost that offers fork out of the box , and upgrades it themself ?

It's very userfriendly to use but not to upgrade, because it seems to need all these kind of packages that the webhost doesn't support.

Now, I have the problem that half my template seems to be obsolete, I can't share my articles on twitter anymore, I can't use google analytics because they changed stuff, and I probably need an upgrade for fork itself but well, I just don't want to break it another time...

But luckily I can post articles!

So , can somebody guide me through stuff I have to do ? I would think that upgrading will also make the site more safe against script kiddies who try something...

From what version to what version did you upgrade?

To begin with, I don't even know what version I use anymore, where can you even check that out ? Because it's not on the backend as I can see.

also, the upgrade talks about using gits, but I don't even know my webhost supports that, and if it does, the upgrade guide doesn't really tell me anything (it's all commands that don't seem to work in ssh).

Also I read that anything upgraded to 3.9 is very difficult and they recommend to install a new version, but I have so much articles that it's a no no for me.

I once tried to upgrade, exported the contents only andtried to re-import in phpmyadmin, but the database was constantly throwing errors so I gave up.

So these are the problems I have in a nutshell. I'm just not savvy with all this linux stuff, although I find the cms itself very userfriendly.

I know the problems with upgrading. It would be nice if there was some kind of upgrade script. But this is hard to make.

You can see the version in or in your config file.

ah, it's 3.6.5 :)

So , somebody also told me that if you didn't install with git, you shouldn't use the patch files, I should just download the new version then ? and does it have the updated google analytics stuff, and would my template still work ?


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