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Modules update feature

Fork CMS is a good CMS but a lot feature are missing. Is there modules update planned, scan for new action and add them to right....

I think I heard something of a upgrade thingy. Lot's of stuff are planned after the Symfony migration.

Also a module store in the backend from where you can one click install other modules. Because of that I think it will be included when that kind of store is implemented.

Happy yo hear about all of these updates I just hope we will never get a Symphony CMS database structure ;)

Good work.

Hi All,

I work with Ghazi and all I can say is that Im really impressed with Fork CMS. It is a LOT easier to use and navigate around. We are doing things a lot faster than we could with Symphony CMS (not Symfony that you guys are talking about to avoid confusion...!)

I also like Fork CMS a lot. I started using it not long after it went open source (2011), and I've created a few websites with it. I can use it to create almost anything, it isn't very difficult to learn, the core isn't very complex to dive into, I can contribute with modules I created or fix bugs, ...

A downside of Fork CMS is that it still isn't very well known. There aren't that many active contributors, and that's maybe one of the reasons why the (difficult) migration to Symfony & the components (Doctrine, Twig, ...) is going rather slowly. Because the Symfony framework has a very large community & great documentation, it should make Fork CMS a great choice among webdevelopers in the future and make it easy to create modules and such. The 3.7.0 release is a big step in the right direction (except for a few bugs it introduced :p), but there's still much to be done. Once the migration is finished, the core features like url handling, templates, database interaction can be done by the Symfony components and developers can focus on adding new features, UI changes, new modules, ...

Conclusion: I really hope Fork CMS keeps on growing as a CMS, and it's very important that the community keeps on growing (the users + active contributors).

Recently the documentation was created and this forum module was added to the website, which is really great. It's a basic forum at the moment and it lacks a few features, but it will get published as a Fork module on github allowing us to fix bugs and add useful stuff.

PS. If you want to contribute yourself, feel free to create pull requests on github (bugs, features, ...)

I have absolutely the same feeling with Fork CMS when I the choice has come to working with it and started some integration work. The learning curve is fast and all is kept really simple.

I am a big fan of code refactoring some feature could be improved. I have just a suggestion but why not target building admin interfaces with the simplicity of ?

An integration with codeception would be great for test driven development.

Feature I described are missing to make Fork CMS a strong choice against Ruby On Rails.

Why not creating a module for feature vote ? A road-map page ?

We have already contributed with a simple bug fix and we really want to have more important contributions in the future to help making it a well-known choice.

A developer friendly feature vote page or road map page would be a cool idea for the future. I hope Dieter, the Fork CMS community manager, is reading along. For now I guess that a developer can look at the Github Issues page where a lot of features or bugfixes are listed.

Thanks for the contributions!


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