No need to log into different places to manage your website. Within Fork CMS, you can both manage the content of the site and see statistics of how the site is used.

Full integration of Google Analytics, but with a filter. We chose the actionable data the average webmaster uses from Google Analytics, and display it within the back-end of Fork CMS. No clutter or unused statistics: only the essentials.

For those that want to dig in deeper, integrated links to Google Analytics are provided. 

This module is included in the default Fork CMS download.


Bart Brouwer wrote 2 years ago

The module isn't working anymore due the new authentication API of Google. AuthSub (used in the Analytics module) is not available anymore. The new authentication API (oAuth 2.0) need to be implemented to make it work again.

Rudo Sch wrote 2 years ago

yes, but how and when? :-)

Wouter Sioen wrote 2 years ago

Fork contains a new version of the analytics module which uses the new API.

grand786 wrote 1 week ago

Monday wrote 1 week ago




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