Bootstrap is a theme for Fork CMS. It's designed to take your first steps towards building your next responsive application in Fork CMS.

Note: don't forget to change the filename to "" when you're uploading the theme via the backend. Should this not work, you can always copy the theme manually to your /src/Frontend/Themes/ folder.

-- Now optimized for Fork CMS 4.x -- Updated to Bootstrap 3.3.7



Vlad wrote 4 years ago

Interesting theme.

Thomas B. wrote 4 years ago

I wanted to install this theme on my Fork Cms test system.

However, unfortunately ohnen any success

Koen wrote 4 years ago

@Thomas B.

Try renaming the theme to, or just extract it to the theme folder manually.

Asep Saepuloh

Asep Saepuloh wrote 4 years ago

Not running when install on local host

Koen wrote 4 years ago


What seems to be the problem?


Waynedge wrote 3 years ago

Rename the folder to bootstrap, then zip it with the name then it should work

Karine wrote 3 years ago

When installing the theme in the backend I get this errormessage:

We could not find an info.xml file for "bootstrap/apple-touch-icon.png".

Bvdn wrote 3 years ago

Hello Koen, I tried to upload you're bootstrap theme using 3.7

Renaming it, zipped it, uploaded it manually… with no succes. The theme isn't showing up in the cms and therefor not possible to choose and use it.

nickwuk wrote 3 years ago

Same issue as Karine, We could not find an info.xml file for "bootstrap/apple-touch-icon.png"

Sam Clark wrote 3 years ago

Hey any chance you could make the files available so we can just wget them from servers?

Sellato wrote 3 years ago

Install without any problems on localhost on last ForkCMS from githab. Link to theme


Windows 7-x64

PHP 5.6.0RC2-x64

Apache 2.4.7-x64

MariaDB (MySQL)5.0.11-dev x64




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