Some of the modules and themes listed here are for older versions of Fork CMS.

More recent themes and modules can be found on github in the Friends of Fork CMS organisation

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a place on your website where visitors find their answers fast and accurate, not always an easy task. The FAQ modules gives you a head start.

This module allows you to collect the questions you answer into categories creating a clear and easy to browse overview of knowledge. We present the most read questions beside this, creating a very quick answer to most frequently asked questions.

We've created separated pages for every Q&A. Doing so we can easily implement four extra features within this module:

  1. Go deep into the answer: you have the place to explain through text and images what your costumers want to know.
  2. Answer related questions: based on the categories the FAQ modules offers the user a range of related questions, so bringing him/her closer to what they're looking for.
  3. Improve you documentation: underneath the answer you find a form for feedback. Who didn't find what they were looking for is given the possibility to relief his or her grieves.
  4. Contact us: Found no answer at all? We link the FAQ module to your contactpage so every question gets answered.

This module is included in the default Fork CMS download.

The bottom line is that everyone loves Fork.