Some of the modules and themes listed here are for older versions of Fork CMS.

More recent themes and modules can be found on github in the Friends of Fork CMS organisation


A module to create and manage slideshows. Functionality includes:

  • Create slideshows and link to specific pages via dynamic widgets.
  • Dynamic resizing of all images within a slideshow
  • Choose the type of slideshow to use; A basic slideshow, or one with captioned navigation.
  • Integration with existing modules**

** Let's say you want a slideshow based on the images of blogposts. A developer could use the slideshow module settings to create a dataset for blogpost images. This is, in its essence, a label linked to a specific method in a newly created slideshows model file. The developer only has to return the wanted values in said method, and it can then be linked by any user to a specific slideshow.



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