Some of the modules and themes listed here are for older versions of Fork CMS.

More recent themes and modules can be found on github in the Friends of Fork CMS organisation


Using tags enables you to connect contextual linked info throughout your website. This is how it works:
You can add tags to pages and blogpost (and other modules) as much as you like. To avoid slightly different content tag slugs we have an autocomplete function for entering the tags.

All tags are displayed in the back-end in a clean overview, where you can correct or remove tags. The need for tags can be big and your urge to delete can them huge. Because of that we display the modules where the tags are used, so you don't do any harm to your website.

In the front-end tags can be used in several ways:

  • A tag-cloud
  • A widget with related content
  • Create your own functionalities. After all Fork CMS is open-source.

This module is included in the default Fork CMS download.

The bottom line is that everyone loves Fork.