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Sharing content blocks between languages

Is there a possibility to share content blocks between languages? In this case the content block is a list of my client client's logos.

Although it's convenient that they can show different logos per country, in this use case they just want to be able to add a logo to the content block so that it updates in all languages.

Unfortunately, I don't think this is possible. In the content_blocks table in the database, each block has 1 language assigned.

Maybe you can modify or create your own content blocks module, and let it have an option to share it between languages?

Hey Fraktl,

That would be nice indeed. I've looked into it and setup a (beta) solution for you. This is how it works: When you initially add a content block, the action actually adds a block for every language, with the same content. And when a block is edited and saved, it's being saved in every language. This is only possible because every content block has the same id. Revision_id is the primary key for content blocks (instead of id), how convenient is that :)

You can fetch it here:

Some notes: - modded files are all in the backend (model, add and edit) - content blocks are only being added for active languages - I've not taking revisions into account, so versions is not working with this - when deleting a block, you have to delete it in every language

@koen when you finish it up, can you make a PR for that?

Sure thing.

I've updated the module. I noticed some bugs when deleting a content block (module_extras were kept for some languages). That's fixed now. I've further modded the module:

  • Versions are now supported
  • When deleting a content block, the actions deletes all clones in all languages


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