Module specific services

Since Fork CMS version 3.9.2, our Fork modules look a little more like Symfony Bundles. They can now contain a so called "module extension" class that can be used to load module specific configuration or services.

This blogpost explains how you can start using this "module extensions" to write cleaner decoupled code in Fork CMS.

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Fork Meetup 26/03/2015

the public

Yesterday, thursday 26 March 2015, we finally organized another event. The previous real event was somewhat about 2 years ago. This meetup was Symfony-flavoured, as many people wanted an update about the move towards Symfony. So yesterday we gathered in the Combell-offices in Ghent, to talk about Fork and Symfony. We had one intro-talk and two "real" talks:

  • Update on Fork and the Symfony integration by Tijs Verkoyen
  • Effectively using the Symfony Components in Fork by Wouter Sioen
  • Having fun with the Symfony Container by Bram Van der Sype

Update on Fork and the Symfony integration

Tijs talked briefly about which components are already integrated into Fork and the future. The future will hold more meetups, more Core members, more ... So if you are interested in participating as a Core member, send us an email (info [at]

See for the slides.

Effectively using the Symfony Components in Fork

Wouter talked about how you can use some of the components already available in Fork in more detail. He explained Routing, DependencyInjection, Console, EventDispatcher. And last but not the least he discussed the Functional tests.

See for the slides.

Having fun with the Symfony Container

bram talking about the DIC Bram, who works at SparkCentral, showed us some nice tricks with the Symfony Container: tagging and Compiler Passes. It showed us some features most of us didn't know about, but will be handy in the future development of Fork.

See for the slides.


We would like to thank all the speakers: Wouter, Bram and Tijs, and Combell for sponsoring the location, drinks and food. If you would like to keep up with new announcements for events you can check our MeetUp-page.

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New GitHub labels

You may have noticed that we cleaned up the labels we use for issues/pull requests on GitHub. We now follow the same structure as the Symfony repository.

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Using SwiftMailer in Fork CMS

Since our 3.9 release, all mail communication runs through the Swiftmailerbundle. This is the officially supported way of sending mails through Symfony. It's  based on the widely used and well documented library Swiftmailer.

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Forkathon: introducing tests!

  • Written by Tijs Verkoyen on Saturday 28 February 2015

At 26 february 2015 Wijs and Sumocoders teamed up to work a full day on improving Fork CMS. We gathered in a room and started coding, some developers paired to fix issues, others reviewed the Pull Requests, while other were integrating tests!

Yep, finally! We introduced tests, most of the test are functional tests as Fork CMS isn't ready for real decent unit-tests. Therefore we will have to refactor a lot of code, but the functional tests are a real nice start, and will enable us to refactor more code.

Ofcourse this resulted in a lot of changes, well some statswe merged 22 pull request and closed a lot of issues. In the upcoming week we will release Fork CMS 3.9 which will include all these changes!

PS: vytenizs is working hard to integrate Twitter Bootstrap in the backend, take a look:

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