Using SwiftMailer in Fork CMS

Since our 3.9 release, all mail communication runs through the Swiftmailerbundle. This is the officially supported way of sending mails through Symfony. It's  based on the widely used and well documented library Swiftmailer.

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Forkathon: introducing tests!

  • Written by Tijs Verkoyen on Saturday 28 February 2015

At 26 february 2015 Wijs and Sumocoders teamed up to work a full day on improving Fork CMS. We gathered in a room and started coding, some developers paired to fix issues, others reviewed the Pull Requests, while other were integrating tests!

Yep, finally! We introduced tests, most of the test are functional tests as Fork CMS isn't ready for real decent unit-tests. Therefore we will have to refactor a lot of code, but the functional tests are a real nice start, and will enable us to refactor more code.

Ofcourse this resulted in a lot of changes, well some statswe merged 22 pull request and closed a lot of issues. In the upcoming week we will release Fork CMS 3.9 which will include all these changes!

PS: vytenizs is working hard to integrate Twitter Bootstrap in the backend, take a look:

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Sitelinks search box

Since our 3.8.5 release, we've added a nice new feature for the marketing focussed sites build on Fork CMS. Google's Sitelinks Search box has been added. This snippet makes sure users will be able to use the search functionality from your Fork CMS website in the search results from Google itself.

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Input wanted: Changing a profile's password

  • Written by Dieter Wyns on Wednesday 28 January 2015

Our core technical people have a meeting each month to discuss new implementations, merge pull-requests and view open issues. Last meeting in December, while reviewing the pull-requests we came across an implementation of Jeroen Desloovere about notifying profiles, see #971.

His changes would affect the way you can edit profiles in the backend. It adds new settings which allow an admin and the profile to get notified when a profile changes. A nice new feature!

During the review we stumbled into a new discussion about the functionality of changing passwords of a profile in the backend. Some argued it would be enough if you could reset a password. In this way the administrator would never know the password of a profile which is a very nice security principle.

What do you think, should an administrator be able to edit a password? Or just have the ability to do a reset?

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