Fork 3.6.6 released

Today we released Fork 3.6.6. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Blog: Import wordpress action added.
  • Profiles: event ‚after_logged_in’ triggered when profile has logged in.
  • Users: event ‚after_undelete’ triggered when a deleted user was restored.
  • Core: Don't expose the path when calling ajax.php directly in non-debug-mode.
  • Core: Better error handling for module rights.
  • Various dutch translations updated.
  • Extensions: add export of theme templates (XML).


  • BackendModel: getURLForBlock can now return the url when locale is not yet activated.
  • Urls containing md threw a 403 forbidden error.
  • Syntax error in FrontendBlockWidget fixed.
  • Some ajax files gave a syntax error as a result of merge conflicts.
  • Mailmotor: Form token for widget fixed.


Jacob wrote 8 years ago

Nice to see the new version.

In this version, will the Google Analytics script be replaced with the new one?

Wouter Sioen wrote 8 years ago

@Jacob Do you mean the universal analytics script?

You can choose between universal analytics and classic style when coupling the analytics account.

Jacob wrote 8 years ago

Nice, in the previous version this option was not available.

Good work guys!

onapthanh wrote 8 years ago

I now can choose between universal analytics and classic style