Coming up: installable themes

  • Written by Fork CMS on Thursday 4 November 2010

The developer team is working on making themes installable: the aim is to be able to download a theme and install it with example data so you can get a head start when developing a website.

This wil also allow non-developers to use Fork CMS: download a theme, install it, adjust the content and your website is ready to go.

I've been working on a theme called Day 02. A little preview can be found below; click the image for a bigger version.


mlitn wrote 8 years ago

Looks promising!

Michael Mattan

Michael Mattan wrote 8 years ago

I am looking for a way to include a gallery (slideshow) like you show in the template.

Is this a standard module in Fork CMS? If it is, it is well hidden because I cannot seem to find it :)

Wolf wrote 8 years ago

@michael as reported in the support forum, there's no gallery module yet (but I'm pretty sure there will be one soon!)


Paal wrote 8 years ago

Any news on this? Looks promising :)

els wrote 8 years ago

hmm cant wait for this!

Carlton Beach hotel Scheveningen wrote 8 years ago

cant wait for this one


nrj wrote 8 years ago

When are these coming alive? waiting eagerly!!

Cleve Mast wrote 7 years ago

Waiting for gallery (slideshow), I also sought a autoblog


walter wrote 7 years ago

How do i add a theme. so that i can replace the default one? I can't find any documentation on adding adding a theme.