Fork 2.6.11 released

  • Written by Dieter Vanden Eynde on Tuesday 4 October 2011

Today we released Fork 2.6.11. You can also follow Fork on GitHub.



  • Core: Made the parent_id available in the template.
  • Core: Upgraded TinyMCE to 3.4.6
  • Core: Made the Facebook integration work with the signed requests.
  • Core: re-added some missing locale into the imagemanager, thx to carroarmato0, see:
  • Core: fixed some errors in the api-methods for blog.
  • Core: fixed a bug where updating a page template tried to input data in a non-existing database column.
  • Core: fixed a typo in the dutch disclaimer, thx to Bart Deslagmulder, see:


Paweł F. wrote 12 years ago

Hi, nice job. But where I can find language files inside your CMS.

2) Are you planning to create a t-shirt with Fork logo ? Sure I will but it.

mlitn wrote 12 years ago


The language files can be found in the installer of every module in the backend (/backend/modules/*/installer/data/locale.xml)

We are currently translating Fork CMS to several other languages, including Polish. Can I email you to help us out on the translation?

We have a couple of T-shirts (only females though, we're in need of a reprint), but since you're in Poland, it's quite hard to just come get it. We'll think about this ;)

slotenmaker wrote 12 years ago

This is really a great project, it's nice to see it's updated very frequently. It also gets more international attention, which is also great. Keep it up Fork!

Weather wrote 12 years ago

Just came across this CMS from reading a forum. Seems like a nice change from WP. Going to give it a go on one of my spare sites and tinker with it to see how it goes. Looking forward to more themes. Keep up the good work.

I.Medvedev wrote 12 years ago

Can I help translate Fork CMS into Russian?

Email me please.

mlitn wrote 12 years ago

I.Medvedev: Thanks for the offer! I have sent you an email with more info.

Georgi Vassilev wrote 12 years ago

We can help with the Bulgarian translation. You can email me with more info.

Keep up the good work guys!

mlitn wrote 12 years ago

Georgi: I've sent you an email with more info. Much appreciated!

Sergey wrote 11 years ago

Advice please - how to migrate to the site created by Fork CMS from a local server to the Internet? At the moment, as I understand Russian language support available.? The problem of migration is that I can not find the file that stores the database configuration, etc. Thanks in advance!

Tijs wrote 11 years ago


When you are going live with the site you should alter the SPOON_DEBUG setting from true to false.

Also you need to alter the paths in the globals*.php files and the config.php files.

Globals*.php are stored in /library, configfiles in /default_www/backend/cache/config/ and /default_www/frontend/cache/config

Teodor wrote 11 years ago

Hi Thank you for the info. I will use it. "Core: fixed a bug where updating a page template tried to input data in a non-existing database column." This is the most important update for me.