Fork 2.6.3 released

Today we released Fork 2.6.3. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Api: when the response isn't an array notices where thrown.
  • Locale: analyse now correctly handles dynamic translations.
  • Core: local file inclusion check was not MS Windows-proof, fixed now (thx to iarwain01)
  • Core: the metaCustom was never parsed.
  • Pages: when there are no footer-pages an notice was triggered (as reported on
  • Pages: When moving a page the correct page is now checked for allow_children


  • Core: added a modifier to camelcase strings.
  • Core: when adding new default blocks to an existing template, update all corresponding pages that have no content in those blocks to the new default.
  • Core: when Akismet can't tell us if a comment is spam, we mark it as an item in moderation.
  • Core: added functionality to set a callback after an item is saved with inline editing.
  • Pages: internal redirect can have children from now on, thx to Annelyze.
  • Pages: added an experimental copy-action.
  • Locale: highlight empty items in the overview.


Nick wrote 12 years ago

Great Framework.I have used it.its working awesome.