Fork 4.4.0 released

Today we released Fork 4.4.0. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Fix styling when page detail buttons stand on two lines
  • Core: Change "showModuleAction" variables to "allowModuleAction"
  • Core: Prevent scroll to top after click a cookievar button
  • Core: Add missing createForm method in the frontend
  • Core: Get url for block fixes when checking with data
  • Core: Also use UTCDateTimeType for date
  • Core: Serialize bug in meta entity SEOFollow and SEOIndex
  • Core: Add missing implementation of the tolabel filter to the frontend
  • Core: The variable cookieBarHide should be global
  • Core: Fix errors when clear text was passed to the translator
  • Core: Fix abstractImage thumbnails not generating
  • Core: Fix pagination last and first url and label
  • Core: Format template modifiers
  • FormBuilder: Fix mailing form shows html
  • Pages: Fix previous/next navigation for hidden pages
  • FAQ: Fix faq category detail link in backend
  • Locale: Remove old classes on the textarea of locale edit


  • Core: Add redirect method to widgets
  • Core: Custom html5 validation
  • Page: Authentication options with the profiles module
  • MailMotor: Completely revamped module. Now also with MailChimp


  • Api: Fully deprecated


  • Core: Allow html in the alerts in the backend
  • Core: Removed duplicate for "SITE_MULTILANGUAGE"
  • Core: Tabs to spaces
  • Core: Improve https support
  • Core: Abstract file and image updates
  • Core: Code style
  • ContentBlocks: Renaming "getName()" to "getBlockPrefix()"
  • FormBuilder: Make the language available in the frontend for formbuilder