Fork 5.0.6 released

Today we released Fork 5.0.6. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Fix tests when site.multilanguage is false #2322
  • Core: Fix bootstrap tabs html5 form validation #2319
  • Core: Fix sessions in the console #2301
  • Core: Set a minimum font size on the body for the backend editors #2326
  • Core: Fix labels in seo tab #2325
  • Analytics: Fix google analytics #2317
  • Blog: Fix preview url blog categories #2330
  • Installer: Properly fix the form template in the installer #2323
  • Mailmotor: Mailmotor SubscribeType/UnsubscribeType: ucfirst was missing in label #2321
  • Pages: Fetch the page data from the database and assign it to the pages in navigation #2313
  • Pages: Fix dropdown styling when adding a page block #2333
  • Search: Bad url on livesuggest paging numbers #2328


  • Core: Add a comment to clarify where custom Symfony routes should be placed #2315