Fork 5.2.3 released

Today we released Fork 5.2.3. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Add missing toggle navigation label in the frontend #2493)
  • Core: Don't add the language to the home url if it is a single language site #2516)
  • Core: Remove role tree that prevent screenreaders to use the page #2504)
  • Analytics: Track mailto links as external links #2513)
  • Blog: Dont ask to comment if commenting is not allowed #2496)
  • Blog: Fix overview pages in blog module showing 404's when there are no blog posts #2481)
  • Blog: Make it possible to add extra blog image sizes #2467)
  • Blog: Update Category.html.twig if article with image too short #2498)
  • Extensions: Fix button colour to save the theme template #2487)
  • Groups: Delete entries linked to a deleted group #2507)
  • Groups: Fix check if user belongs to a certain group #2508)
  • Mailmotor: Use the symfony form in the template instead of plain html #2468)
  • MediaLibrary: Fix sorting media widgets alphabetically #2472)
  • Pages: Don't load images that don't exist #2515)
  • Profiles: Ensure getRandomString() returns a string with the requested length #2503)
  • Profiles: Use the correct macro for the buttons #2502)
  • Tags: Tags should be case insensitive unique #2479)