Fork CMS 3.2.1 released

  • Written by Davy Hellemans on Tuesday 17 January 2012

Today we released Fork 3.2.1. You can also follow Fork on GitHub.



  • Core: upgraded jQueryUI to 1.8.17
  • Core: added a generic method to output CSV-files, which uses the user-settings for splitchar and line-ending.
  • Core: it is now possible to set an empty string as recipient name in the mailers.
  • Extensions: only modules with a valid name will be included in the list of installable modules.
  • Blog: added an option for the god user to enable or disable the upload image functionallity for the blog module.
  • Installer: added a check for subfolders.
  • All: template-options for available actions are now available for all modules and thus also prefixed with the modulename.


  • Core: added missing locale for ckeditor & ckfinder.
  • Core: when not in debugmode the dialog-patch wasn't included in the minified JS-file.
  • Pages: fixed reset previous value when editing editor block.
  • Spoon: when deleting a cookie we now set the expiration date far in the past to prevent that users with an incorrect system time can still use deleted cookies.
  • API: all illegal characters are now wrapped with CDATA tags.
  • Blog: API calls now show the most recent version of a blog title.


Peter wrote 11 years ago

Hebben jullie een RSS feed die alle content bevat van de blog?

Zo kan ik in Google Reader al direct alle improvements en bugfixes lezen.

Zou heel leuk zijn!

Peter wrote 11 years ago

Daar zit volgens mij niet alle content in! Enkel de titel en nog wat zever, maar niet de echte lijst van improvements en bugfixes.