Fork Meetup round up

  • Written by Tijs Verkoyen on Sunday 4 September 2011

When we started thinking about organizing an event where people interested in Fork CMS could meet the people that are currently working on Fork, or where people could learn how to use Fork, we thought it would be a small event, 20-30 people tops. But when we opened up the subscription form we were overwhelmed with subscriptions (70+). We even had to close the subscriptions early because the venue was too small.

The day itself consisted of multiple presentations.

The first presentations (by Tijs) explained why the event was being organised, presented the schedule for the afternoon and introduced the other speakers. 

The second presentation (by Matthias & Tijs) was an overview of some Fork CMS features. Matthias & Tijs largely exceeded the allocated time, which pushed the schedule for the rest of the day back for 15 minutes. After all, there's so much stuff to talk about: plenty of features in Fork CMS.

After the first two presentation there was a short pause so people could mix up and have a beer or soda. After the pause, the large group was split into developers and frontenders/designers.

Thomas, Stephen and Matthias held a presentation specifically for frontend developers and designers that introduced them into the magic world of themes & templates, ...

In the main room Dieter & Davy were having a presentation for PHP developers. They explained what a module looked like in detail & explained how Fork works in-depth.

The last presentation was taken care of by Bart, who talked about the future of Fork CMS. 

The 1st Fork CMS meetup was an overwhelming success, we had a lot of interesting talks with people that were providing us with feedback, new features and lots of new stuff to think about. We would like to thank everyone who was present and we hope to see you again on the next event.

In case you missed the event or would like to see the slides again:

Photos are available on our Facebook page.

If you have questions about the presentations, please leave them in the comments below.


Jeroen Desloovere

Jeroen Desloovere wrote 12 years ago

It was an honor to be present at the forkmeetup and I will try my utmost to contribute to this lovely community.

Looking forward to a next meetup (but maybe next time on a weekday evening?).

Tijs Verkoyen wrote 12 years ago

De cheatsheet die uitgedeeld werd bij de presentatie voor frontenders/designers kan je trouwens downloaden via:

Brecht Billiet wrote 12 years ago

To bad, I couldn't be there.

Anyway, nice work!

Yéred wrote 12 years ago

Too bad it's in dutch. Still I think I'll give this CMS a try, it loos a lot more friendly than others. I hope you can keep it simple through out its evolution.