Fork 5.0.4 released

Today we released Fork 5.0.4. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Https error when header module not installed 2235
  • Core: Fix type errors when trying to get the uploaded file when there is non 2234
  • Core: Fix gitignore users files avatars 2239
  • Core: Multiple RSS Fixes 2241
  • Core: Fix cookiebar hidden check always resulted in a hidden cookiebar 2253
  • Core: PHPDoc improvements 2252
  • Core: Fix dump in twig templates and related issues when debug sometimes isn't enabled when it should 2255
  • ContentBlocks: Fix Pages copy action sets content blocks of from language archived 2249
  • Extensions: Throw error when template syntax is faulty 2246
  • FormBuilder: Fix formbuilder data action 2238
  • FormBuilder: Fix error when saving form builder fields 2240
  • Mailmotor: Add missing translated error messages for list id and api key 2250
  • MediaLibrary: Fix media-group errors not showing up properly 2244
  • MediaLibrary: The label is already inside the media group widget 2242
  • Pages: Fix clicking "save draft" deleted the page instead of saving it as draft 2251
  • Tags: Fix tagsinput 2232