Fork 5.3.0 released

Today we released Fork 5.3.0. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Re-add some lost functionality of the ckeditor link plugin #2539
  • Core: Re-add internal pages to the ckeditor link plugin #2499
  • Blog: Set a label and for attribute for each form field in blog add/edit action #2505
  • Core: Set aria label on subnavigation based on the active page #2501
  • Locale: Polish language #2520
  • Location: Service for geolocation #2525


  • Core: Add screen readers only guiding text for the breadcrumbs #2542
  • Core: Increase log level for the dockerstdout since the logs are showing up in the console commands #2548
  • Core: updated the included composer packages #2547
  • Core: updated the included javascript packages #2549
  • Core: Use type button on buttons that trigger modals #2523
  • Blog: Add the tags to the blogpost in the frontend in the model instead of the action #2486
  • Dashboard: Make the links bolder for accessibility reasons #2536
  • FormBuilder: Use CurlPost for Google Recaptcha #2532
  • Pages: Improve accessibility of the block buttons #2500
  • Pages: Simplify PageBlock title and description #2518
  • Tags: Improve accessibility of the tags input field #2506


  • Tests: Disable console debug logging when running tests #2511


  • Core: Increase z-index of the alerts #2550
  • Analytics: Fix for Backend Analytics Charts #2526
  • Docker: Fix docker image not building because libpng12-dev changed its name to libpng-dev #2543
  • Docs: Update 06. #2531
  • FormBuilder: Fix error when we don't store the responses in the database #2535
  • Groups: Fix tabbing to the permissions pannels #2537
  • Location: Only copy the location widgets to an other locale if the Location module is installed #2522
  • Mailmotor: Add missing import for the macro's on the settings page #2538
  • Mailmotor: Fix errors showing up in the logs after installing #2545


  • Core: Add referrer security header #2483