Slideshows module

To say this is a new module would be a bit of a lie. It has been tried and tested in Real Projects™ at Wijs, but privately engineered by Dave Lens, who recently decided to open-source this module. Hear hear!

It contains the following features:

  • Generates widgets that can be linked to any page block in Fork.
  • Can load images from another module into a slideshow.
    (see Settings → Modules → Slideshows to configure this). 
  • Possibility to add multiple slideshow types.
  • Uses (a slightly customized) responsive Flexslider jQuery plugin to control 
  • Changing measurements for a slideshows resizes all previously uploaded images to the new format.

The goal of this module was to be developer friendly, and to spend as little time as possible loading images from a separate module. Once configured, it will generate a slideshows.php file containing an empty getImages() method for the specified module in its engine folder. Typically a developer will do either a database query, or read out a folder in that method in order to build image data. The slideshows widget will then use that method to populate itself with the provided image data.

Extra tip: Keep an eye on the GitHub repository, in the near future an example of how to link the slideshows module with other modules will be added!


Bart De Clercq wrote 10 years ago

Coincidence or not, today we published an article about a11y slideshows (Dutch). People who are building a11y websites, can use the adapted slideshow. Post: Github: